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Terms of Service

The terms of service below apply to both advertisers and resellers. The term members is interchangeable and applies equally to Advertisers, Resellers, Associates, and Affiliates.

These terms represent a contract between you and Instant Mailer Twenty20 and as such the terms of the contract are fully enforceable by law. Instant Mailer Twenty20 is owned and operated by JPE Advertising, a division of JAM Marketing Inc.

Membership Standards:

An Independent Reseller of Instant Mailer Twenty20 agrees to always act honestly and fairly in a way that will enhance the reputation of the Member and Instant Mailer Twenty20 when representing Instant Mailer Twenty20.

A Member agrees to always offer full support as a sponsor of their personally referred members and future prospective members. This includes avoiding deceptive or illegal practices and making untrue claims regarding Instant Mailer Twenty20 products, services, and administrative officers.

A Member agrees to not make public projections and claims regarding the income potential of any member, including themselves and a Member understands that the success of other Member's may differ substantially and is determined by many variables uncontrollable by Instant Mailer Twenty20.

When promoting Instant Mailer Twenty20 a member agrees to be respectful of all prospective Members. This includes respectful acceptance of all prospective Member comments and questions as well as their privacy concerns.

A Member agrees to be and understands that they are solely responsible for any and all legal and financial obligations that could result from their Instant Mailer Twenty20 Membership. This includes but is not limited to self-employment taxes, income taxes, sales/use taxes, etc.

A member understands that if they have questions pertaining to any of the legal documents supporting Instant Mailer Twenty20 they should contact the Support Team of Instant Mailer Twenty20 for the most up to date answers to resolve those questions.

Ads placed on the network by members must be...

* Text format only
* URL's must be inserted in the correct places and not where the copy or heading should be.
* URLs must not contain any frame breakers.

Mailer Usage:

Members may not use misleading subject lines, such as... Payment received, Here is your $1,000 and so on. Members must not advertise Adult, porn, pirated software, warez, scams, chain letters etc. All such sites are banned. Members must not make any misleading or unsubstantiated claims in any email. Violation of any of these terms will result in removal of your account without refund.

Membership Details:

An Independent Reseller of Instant Mailer Twenty20 is required to understand and abide by the rules, terms, and policies outlined by Instant Mailer Twenty20.

Instant Mailer Twenty20 reserves the right to change their rules, terms, and policies at any time as they deem appropriate.

Instant Mailer Twenty20 complies with all federal, state, provincial, and local laws, as well as all statutes and regulations governing Network Marketing and Internet Advertising and requires every Reseller to do the same.

Independent Reseller Status:

An individual may become an Reseller by agreeing to comply with all Instant Mailer Twenty20 Policies and Terms and Conditions. An applicant wishing to become an Reseller or Advertiser must fill out the appropriate registration form online.

Instant Mailer Twenty20 reserves the right to reject any person wanting to become an Independent Reseller or Advertiser,or withdraw the active status of an Independent Reseller or Advertiser for any reason. Withdrawal of a Member's active status by Instant Mailer Twenty20 after any fees have been collected may be refundable at Instant Mailer Twenty20 discretion, and depends solely on the reason for termination of the Member's account.

Any personal information collected on the Instant Mailer Twenty20 registration form will be retained in accordance with Instant Mailer Twenty20 Privacy Policy.

Use of Autoresponder's:

Members must maintain an active, reachable email address at all times. We recommend gmail. You can get a free account here - Autoresponder's are strictly banned from our system and any members found using them will have their accounts instantly terminated from the Instant Mailer Twenty20 Network.

Refund Policy & Chargebacks:

Once you have completed any purchase at the Instant Mailer Twenty20 site, you acknowledge that you have read the terms of service fully and that you voluntarily agree to be bound by these terms which include a zero refund policy, and that you expressly agree to forego any and all refund claims.

Instant Mailer Twenty20 offers advertising services and makes no claim to suitability or performance. Results depend on many factors beyond Instant Mailer Twenty20 control. We simply display your site to a targeted audience. It is up to your ads sales copy to entice the audience to click on your website link.

In the event of a chargeback of any kind, a $500 fee plus the chargeback fee will be charged to your account to offset bank fees, lawyer and collection agent fees.

Member Rights:

All active Members are authorized to promote and sell the advertising services of Instant Mailer Twenty20, by advertising their own Instant Mailer Twenty20 web site, and in doing this, quality to earn commissions for all advertising sold through their reseller site.

Legal Age:

Members must be of legal age, or age of the majority (whichever maintains precedence) in the state, province, or country of their primary residence. Instant Mailer Twenty20 reserves the right to ask any Member to provide proof of age for any reason.

Multiple Member Accounts:

Members may not have more than one active free account in Instant Mailer Twenty20. Any and all information held by Instant Mailer Twenty20 in a Member's record can be used at the discretion of Instant Mailer Twenty20 to determine if a Member has direct ties to more than one account.

Instant Mailer Twenty20 reserves the right to terminate additional accounts held by the same Member and the Member him/herself risks immediate termination for violating the Instant Mailer Twenty20 Terms and Conditions.

Member Account Names:

A person many not enroll as a Member of Instant Mailer Twenty20 using a fictitious personal name or corporate name. The name associated with a Member's account must be their legally registered name or business/corporate name.

Independent Member Status:

All Members are independent contractors of Instant Mailer Twenty20. Membership accounts with Instant Mailer Twenty20 are not franchises, joint ventures, or partnerships with Instant Mailer Twenty20, unless otherwise specific by the management, nor does any Member count as an employee, agent, or administrator for Instant Mailer Twenty20. Members are strictly prohibited from stating or implying that they hold or maintain any other type of relationship with Instant Mailer Twenty20. Members, both active and inactive have no authority to bind the Company to any obligation.

Member Identification:

Members may be required at any time to provide Instant Mailer Twenty20 with a valid government-issued tax identification number (or other means of identification as mandated by the Resellers home domicile tax authority), as well as a current and valid billing and mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.

This personal information will be used for purposes pertaining to a Members Instant Mailer Twenty20 account only and will be kept in a secure location by Instant Mailer Twenty20.

Failure to provide such requested information and proof that it is current may result in (a) termination of the Member's Instant Mailer Twenty20 Membership, (b) forfeiting of any and all commissions due.

Any penalties or fines that may result from issuing an incorrect tax identification number or other personal information to Instant Mailer Twenty20 will be the sole responsibility of the Member.

Member Advertising and Account Rules:

Exclusive Marketing Territories:

Unless it is implied through formal written documentation by Instant Mailer Twenty20, no Member has exclusive marketing and sponsorship rights over a specific territory. Members found to be implying such rights risk immediate termination from Instant Mailer Twenty20.

Exclusive Marketing Methods:

Unless it is implied through formal written documentation by Instant Mailer Twenty20, no Member has been given the authority to supply other Members with exclusive marketing material, methods, leads, etc. Members found to be implying such rights, either online or offline, risk immediate termination from Instant Mailer Twenty20.

Member Legal Compliance and Taxation:

It is the Members responsibility to stay informed and comply with all international, federal, state and/or provincial statutes, laws and regulations, and all local ordinances and rules concerning all aspects of their Instant Mailer Twenty20 business. Members are responsible for their own managerial decisions and expenditures, including taxes. Since no Member is a Instant Mailer Twenty20 employee, with respect to any law, statute or rule for federal or state tax purposes Instant Mailer Twenty20 is not responsible for payment or co-payment of any employee benefits and/or taxes.

Members will not be treated as franchisees, joint venturers, partners, employees or agents with respect to the United States Internal Revenue Code, Social Security Act, any federal, state and/or provincial unemployment act(s), or any federal, state, provincial or local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules or regulations. All Resellers are considered to be Independent Contractors, with status dictating a non-employee status in all foreign locations.

Confidential Information:

All information found in the Members Only Site is considered proprietary and confidential and for access by Members only. Information pertaining to other Members on the Instant Mailer Twenty20 team must not be shared with non Instant Mailer Twenty20 Members or any third party.

Restricted Countries:

Due to legal and tax considerations Instant Mailer Twenty20 may be forced to exclude residents of certain countries from becoming an active Member of Instant Mailer Twenty20.

Any Member found to be recruiting, targeting advertisements to, training residents of, or doing any other activity related to building their Instant Mailer Twenty20 business in restricted countries risk immediate termination.

Creating a New Member Account:

With one exception Members are strictly prohibited from canceling their active Membership and rejoining with a different sponsor.

At the discretion of Instant Mailer Twenty20, there may be one exception offered to those Members who clearly accidentally enrolled into Instant Mailer Twenty20 at the wrong Member's Instant Mailer Twenty20 web site.

Instant Mailer Twenty20 Web Site Materials and Content:

The name Instant Mailer Twenty20, all copyrighted material, Intellectual Property, Instant Mailer Twenty20 logos, and the names of all Company products and services are the intellectual property of and owned by Instant Mailer Twenty20. Only Instant Mailer Twenty20 is authorized to produce and market products, materials and literature under these intellectual property rights.

Use of the Instant Mailer Twenty20 name in any manner not approved or authorized by Instant Mailer Twenty20, or without the terms

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